How to blink a led with arduino

First of all , you can make more attractive projects with leds . So, we all need to know how to blink an led with code. So , lets get started.

Equipment that we need :

  1. Led
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. Arduino IDE ( For Programming )

Then Follow the Wiring diagram and blink your led .

led blink


#define led 13                          // initialize digital pin 13

void setup() {                          // initialize digital pin LED as an output.
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop() {                                                    // the loop function runs over and over again forever
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);             // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level)
delay(1000);                              // wait for a second
digitalWrite(led, LOW);                // turn the LED off
delay(1000);                              // wait for a second